With over 50 years of experience in the Boiler and Power Generation industry Mathios is truly the expert when it comes to refractory lining of coal production units, having performed more than 90% of the construction of new Power Plants in Greece and having the exclusive maintenance of all PPC power plants of the country for more that 15 years.

Complimented with references in Balkans and the EPC construction of the Largest Hard Coal Power plant in Europe, Mathios quality of deliverables and customer satisfaction are second to none. Cutting edge formulations the strictest quality norms come together to produce the best possible solution to account for energy efficiency, reduced downtime, shorter repair cycles and enhanced productivity. We are able to provide bricks, monolithic, precast sections as well as special parts. We have developed the hybrid lining system, combining the best of both brick and monolithic lining concepts to output the most time and cost efficient lining ever made.


Flue Gas Resuction



(Refractory Lining) MAT 50 SMG / IDEAL M 334 / MAT 50 GS / MAT 80 GS / MAT 80 SPDG
(High Abrasion Refractory Lining) MAT PLUS MC 50 / MAT PLUS 50 ML E / IDEAL M 334 / MAT PLUS 80 / MAT MICRON 80 E
(Insulating Lining) MAT 125 G / GR 23 / ISO 450

Coal Mill Door


(Refractory Lining) MAT PLUS 50 ML E / MAT PLUS MC 50 / MAT PLUS 42 / MAT MICRON 80
(Impact Zone) MAT PLUS 80 H / MAT PLUS 82 UHS / MAT MICRON 80 E
(Insulating Lining) INSULATING BRICKS / ISO 450


Boiler Furnace Hopper


(Refractory Lining) MAT RAM 85 SiC P / MAT PLUS 70 SiC / MAT GUN 70 SiC

Refractory Lining of Main Coal Burners


(Refractory Lining) MAT PLUS 50 ML E / MAT 80 GS / MAT PLUS MC 50 / MAT MICRON 80 E / MAT MICRON 60 M
(Insulating Lining) INSULATION BRICKS / MAT MW / MAT MW G / GR 23
(Insulating Lining) MAT 125 / MAT 125 G / ISO 450