Leading Refractory Business

MATHIOS REFRACTORIES S.A. specializes in the refractory sector and provides turnkey solutions by R&D, engineering, production, procurement, installation, maintenance and support services.

The highly experienced Construction Department of MATHIOS REFRACTORIES S.A. covers and serves all industrial sectors with special focus on Energy, Cement, Lime, Non Ferrous, Steel, Refineries, Glass, Chemicals.

Founded in 1890, MATHIOS REFRACTORIES S.A. is today one of the biggest production, commercial and construction units in its kind and the only one in Greece.

It exports to more than 50 countries and offers integrated solutions and services to some of the biggest companies in the world.

It is certified according to EN ISO 9001-2008 for Research, Development, Production and Trading of Refractory, Anti-Acid, Insulating, Building Chemistry Construction Materials. Refractory, Anti-Acid and Building Constructions.




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