Aluminium Industry

Bringing the best out of aluminium.

The aluminium industry, both primary and secondary, is globally one of the anchor points of Mathios Refractories S.A.. We have been growing together with our customers, for more that 45 years, developing a deep understanding of the industry.

We are responsible for innovative solutions such as the unique application of the rotary calcinations kiln. We exclusively use Mathios Low Cement Castables, solving the immense problem of shell deformation for our customers. Our materials are of the highest quality, specially designed fit in any of the parts of the plants. At the same time, we are keen on improving energy efficiency, reduced downtime, shorter repair cycles and enhanced productivity. We are able to provide bricks, monolithic, precast sections as well as special parts for plants like the ones listed below:

Anode Baking Furnace

Roof Side Walls
Bottom Lining Insulating Lining

Static Furnace Calcination of Alumina

Refractory Lining Insulating Lining

Rotary Kiln Calcination of Alumina

Inlet Zone Calcination Zone Cooling Zone

Tilting Melting Furnace

Bath Zone Roof & Side Walls Burner Lining
Roof & Door Insulation Insulating Lining

Ladle for Molten Aluminium Transportation

Refractory Lining Cover
Insulating Lining Insulation