Concise User’s Instructions MAC ACID



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  1. Short Description: Acid-proof cement to be used in the construction of acid resistant applications.



  1. Packaging-Storage
  • These refractory materials are packed in special paper sacks, of about 25 Kgr, in wooden pallets.
  • Shrink foil wrapping protects the refractory materials against moisture.
  • These refractory materials should be stored in dry place and cool warehouse (shelf life is indicative to the Technical Data Sheets).
  •  Pallet stacking is admissible and the max loaded pallets must not exceed 3 pallets. If the shelf life has been exceeded, our Technical Service Department should be contacted before use.
  • “First in – First out” management of stored materials is advisable.
  • The material has to be stored above freezing temperature.
  • Due to high humidity and strong solar radiation in tropical countries, storage in a dry, covered place is recommended.
  • The shrink wrapping should be removed only prior to mixing.



  1. Tools and Machinery
  • Tools and all equipment must be clean and free from dirt and pollutants.
  • The product can be mixed with mechanical mixers or by hand.



  1. Installation-Casting
  • The mixing water has to be potable.
  • The major part of the recommended amount of water can be poured into the mixer before adding the material.
  • The cement should be mixed until the mix is free of lumps.
  • Cement which has already set, cannot be used anymore.


  1. Drying and Heating up
  • Cements are dried during pre-heat of the refractory lining.



  1. Winter precautions
  • If the temperature at the point of installation is below 5 °C, pre-heating is recommended. Temperature during setting should be above freezing point.
  • In case of, out of temperature limit conditions, please contact our Technical Service Department.

Important Note: The above instructions are suitable for the most of uses. The final User must follow carefully the instructions of Designer of each specific project.