Cement Industry

Linning is the spirit of the cement industry

With over 50 years of experience in the cement industry, Mathios Refractories S.A. has gained an insight to the requirements of a successful cement plant. Being fully capable of providing EPC solutions for all types of cement plants, we strive for the optimum performance of our network. Having forged strategic bonds with the largest cement groups in the world we have developed tailor made solutions for a variety of application around the cement plants. Our experts and R&D teams constantly analyze production information and fuel inputs to reach the most suitable solution for any application. For all ranges of operating conditions – from mild to extreme – Mathios Refractories S.A. will deliver the best and most effective solution. We have been providing our high quality material in all parts of the plants focusing on improving energy efficiency, reduced downtime, shorter repair cycles and enhanced productivity. We are able to provide bricks, monolithic, precast sections as well as special parts for the following products:
  • Cyclone
  • Calcinator
  • Riser Duct / Inlet Zone
  • Cement Rotary Kiln
  • Grate Cooler / Bull Nose / Tertiary Air / Burner

Upper Cyclone

Cyclone Lining Insulating Lining

Lower Cyclone

Cyclone Lining Raw Mill Duct Insulating Lining


Refractory Lining Insulating Lining

Riser Duct / Inlet Zone

Riser Duct Inlet Chamber Insulating Lining

Cement Rotary Kiln

Nose Ring Outlet Zone Lower Transition Zone
Burning Zone Upper Transition Zone Safety Zone
Calcination Zone Preheating Zone Burner

Grate Cooler & Kiln Hood

Bull Nose Kiln Hood Cooler-Hot Section
Cooler-Cool Section Horseshoe Lower Tertiary Air Duct
Upper Tertiary Air Duct Insulating Lining