Research & Development

Constant effort on product and methods development

As a forward-thinking and innovative company, Mathios Refractories continues to invest resources in research and development. Through using state-of-the-art-equipment, bringing in R&D technical experts and collaborating with key partners of various Industries and Universities, the company constantly evolves its products and solutions portfolios.

Experiments in lab environment, simulations and tests, pilot plant trials in different industrial sectors, post mortem analyses and exploitation of the most updated scientific knowledge are some of the key things of the R&D Department’s does in order to develop new and optimize existing products. Our trained Technical Department staff, our Customer Engagement Experts and the feedback we get from our Customers all play an important role in our innovation process.

Keeping ourselves abreast of the latest advances in the refractory technology and active listening to our Customers help us better understand their needs and come up with the next great product or solution.