About us

Mathios Refractories develops, manufactures, and sells first class refractory products and customized lining solutions for all major industrial sectors. We offer a complete services portfolio, spanning from engineering, production and procurement to installation, maintenance and repair services. Every single step of refractory work, starting from the detailed design of refractory linings right through to the selection of raw materials, production and installation, is performed by highly skilled teams. Well-structured working practices and procedures, meticulous checks and tests, as well as effective quality management are standard elements of everything we do.

At Mathios Refractories we have built a track record of successful projects and partnerships. Being a world class refractory company, our objective is to offer solutions which maximize the value of our customers’ heat and chemical processing equipment.

Founded in 1890 and particularly after the acquisition of Ideal Refractories S.A. in 2006, Mathios Refractories has developed into one of the biggest production, commercial and construction units of its kind globally and the only one in Greece. The company has a worldwide customer base and a network of partners leading to exports to more than 50 countries, having hence built a significant and solid expertise.

Mathios Refractories is certified according to EN ISO 9001-2015 for Research, Development, Production and Trading of Refractory, Anti-Acid, Insulating, Building Chemistry Construction Materials. Refractory, Anti-Acid and Building Constructions.