Customized Refractory Solutions

At MATHIOS REFRACTORIES we realize that every project is different and thus includes its own unique challenges and special requirements.
Our team is comprised of a group of highly competent, experienced and dedicated engineers who can provide you with the optimal solution, both from technical and economical points of view.
We can offer you the following services:

  • Selection of optimal refractory materials for each process
  • Design simplification
  • Thermal engineering (heat transfer calculations, assembly thermal transmittance (U-value) optimization through selection of correct material-thickness combination)
  • Design for reduction of fuel consumption
  • Expansion joint calculations
  • Bill of materials preparation
  • Detailed 2D construction drawings
  • 3D modeling
  • Support of refractories (dimensioning, spacing and welding of anchors, brackets, etc)
  • Selection of the correct steel alloy for refractory supporting
  • Calculation of forces exerted by refractories on structures and themselves

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