Integrated solutions for all Industries

Industrial furnaces are the starting point for all cement, steel, glass constructions, as well as all aluminium and ceramic products. Whithout them, our economy today would not function and exist as it currently does. MATHIOS REFRACTORIES S.A. develops, manufactures, and installs high-grade refractories for high-temperature industrial processes. As a systems supplier, we offer customized and all-inclusive refractory solutions for all major industrial sectors. We supply perfectly matched products, concepts, and services from a single source for all industrial sectors with refractory requirements.

Our highly experienced Construction Department covers and serves all industrial sectors with special focus on the Steel, Aluminium, Cement, Power Generation, Refineries, Lime, Foundry, Glass, Ceramic Industries as well as Incinerators.

Steel Industry Service

Steel Industry

Aluminium Industry Service

Aluminium Industry

Cement Industry Service

Cement Industry

Power Generation

Power Generation

Refineries Service


Lime Industry

Lime Industry

Foundry Service


Glass Industry Service

Glass Industry

Ceramic Industry

Ceramic Industry

Incenerators Recycling Service


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Our refractory materials and systems solutions make us market leaders and industrial innovators in the steel, aluminium, cement, power generation, lime, glass and ceramic industries, we well as refineries, foundries and incenerators. Every major customer segment is served by a highly specialized team, offering individual and holistic services and products. In all market sectors, this puts us closer to our customers than our competitors.

We invite you to get to know us better. Please feel free to claim your copy of our most recent MATHIOS Refractory Products Catalogue by clicking here. For more info, leave us a message with your request and one of our representatives will reach you for guidance.