Anchors & Brackets

MATHIOS REFRACTORIES is your trusted partner when it comes to metallic support elements. We are capable of delivering a vast variety of different metallic support elements such as, but not limited to, anchors, brackets, retainers, hexagonal meshes and studs both in shape and quality.

Anchors can also be supplied with plastic caps. If required anchors can be pre and / or post forming annealed.

1.4835 253 MA
1.4301 304
1.4307 304L
1.4948 304H
1.4833 309S
1.4828 309
1.4845 310S - 310
1.4841 314
1.4404 316L
1.4864 330
Apart from metallic anchors, we are also capable of supplying ceramic anchor bricks for higher temperatures and special applications such as suspended roofs.

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