Mineral Fibers

PRODUCT NAMEType of ProductMax Service Temperature at oCDensity (kg/cm3)Thermal Conductivity
(W/mK) at 100oC
Thermal Conductivity
(W/mK) at 200oC
Thermal Conductivity
(W/mK) at 350oC
Thickness (mm)
BLANKETBlanket supported with wire mesh700600.0450.0660.11330 up to 100
BLANKETBlanket supported with wire mesh700900.0420.0590.09730 up to 100
BLANKETBlanket supported with wire mesh7001200.0420.0570.09230 up to 100
FIBER BOARDSPanel700400.050--30 up to 100
FIBER BOARDSPanel700500.049--30 up to 100
FIBER BOARDSPanel700750.048--30 up to 100
FIBER BOARDSPanel7001000.0450.086-30 up to 100
BULK FIBERSBulk Fibers8001500.0450.080-
BULK FIBERSBulk Fibers800-0.043--