Dry Out / Preheating

Before a new plant lined with refractories is commissioned or before it resumes operation after a major repair, its refractories must go through dry out / preheating. The purpose of this necessary step is to expel the water used during installation via evaporation in a controlled manner. If the correct heat up curve is not followed, catastrophic explosions may occur due to the rapid volume increase of the water turning from the liquid to the gaseous phase.
Our experts from the R&D department can calculate and plot the optimum preheating diagram for your installation, taking into consideration the specific lining characteristics and the economical aspect as a very lengthy process is also an uneconomical one. This way you can rest assured that the diagram produced will be the best combination of a safe and cost effective dry out.
Apart from our ability to produce the correct preheating diagram for your installation, we are also able to carry out the process itself. Our team of experts will transport all the necessary equipment and apparatus (mobile burners, pumps, thermocouples, monitoring systems etc) at your premises, install it at the optimum locations, operate and monitor the complete process from beginning to end, smoothly and professionally.
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